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A Clam Sampler

A grab bag of Clamgasmic wonders! First, a clamclusive incredible drone video shot by the one and only Martin Del Vecchio of Gloucester downtown at sunset. Note the movie night being set up at I4C2! Marvel at the technological and … Continue reading

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9 Things the World Can Learn From Gloucester

Morning, world. Thanks to the amazing journalisming of clameditor one KT Toomey on the travails of the Demoulas family and how that translates into me paying double for off-brand snack cakes down at Stop and Shop, suddenly a lot more … Continue reading

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No Snark Sunday: What the Hell, Gordon?

Here’s a thing: We signed our daughter Rebecca up for soccer camp months ago at the Gordon summer program. Someone asked me, “What’s Bec doing for camp this week, and I said, “She’s off doing soccer at Gordon”. “Oh. Gordon. … Continue reading

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What’s in a name?

Today’s guest post is from Adam Kuhlmann who explores the Gloucester businessscape if it were freed from the shackles of context. Tony Tally’s Petroleum World 27 Maplewood Avenue What it is: A full-service gas and vehicle inspection station, consisting of four pumps … Continue reading

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Man Renders Lawn Uninhabitable, Reaps Benefits

The Clam today features a submission from a mysterious contributor. One of the great things about Gloucester is you don’t see a lot of those ‘Chem Lawn’ spray trucks, mostly because the chemicals would take the paint off the boat … Continue reading

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Beach Blanket Stinko

traditional No Snark Sunday returns next week as we deal with reader requests to address a pressing issue:  Ok, it’s NSS- no snark Sunday here at The Clam. I’ve awoken, hugged kittens, put on my favorite vintage Kermit “Rainbow Connection” … Continue reading

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The Other Boats

At risk to her personal sanity, Executive Clameditor KT Toomey has gone above and beyond the call to bring you recaps of the National Geographic reality show ‘Wicked Tuna’. We owe her much, especially upon the discovery that to maintain … Continue reading

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No Snark Sunday Independence Weekend Double Bonus: Drone Fiesta and Farmers Market

First off, this: To all the folks who approached us worried that the drone could be used to “carry bombs” or “steal privacy information from teenage girls cell phones” – um, yeah. I guess that’s technically feasible, though sort of … Continue reading

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Happy Independence Day Clammers (Oh by the way you are all walking in the Horribles parade next year)

So happy America’s Birthday, everybody. You know what you’re getting it next year? You’re going to put on a rainbow-colored afro wig and blast children with a super soaker from the back of a dump truck wearing flashing ‘America’ sunglasses. … Continue reading

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Yes, I Am Not A Townie: Adventures in Nonlocal Consciousness

 by guest Clamtributor Jeremy McKeen  a most excellent blogger over at I am not a born-and-bred Townie, but I would literally trade my life to be one. In fact, that is exactly what I’ve done, willingly, along with my … Continue reading

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