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No Snark Sunday- Oh Shit, We Need to Stop Letting Kids Play Football

Oh man, this is one I didn’t want to write. It feeds every elitist, latte-sipping, craft-beer-drinking, self righteous hipster stereotype rolled into one vegan organic burrito of preachiness. I’ve dreaded doing this column for a long time, but speaking uncomfortable … Continue reading

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Nation’s Pants Shitters Gather in Washington to Strategize, Fudge Slacks

The up-and-coming Pants Shitting Party met at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in the nation’s Capital this week to devise strategy around key issues facing trou-crapping voters. Heading up the docket were Ebola, immigration, ISIS and the report from … Continue reading

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Holiday respite

I’m in Suburban New Jersey for a family thing and not being snarky is just going to happen.

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Longform bit on The O’Maley 3D printers

Hey Clamistas, here is the longform bit I wrote for Good Morning Gloucester about the 3D printer build at O’Maley Innovation Middle School over the weekend.

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We’re still coming down

Off the big 3D Print-a-Palooza Look for more from us later

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No Snark Sunday Cancelled Because Dear God We’re Still 3D Printing at O’Maley!

Yesterday we made a little plastic fish. This is kind of a big deal. We took a box of parts that started like this on Friday at 5. To 8:00 pm on Sunday where we had a working machine that … Continue reading

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